winter 2018-2019

I used to do speedskating in winter from the age of 2. At the moment I am typing this I still haven't touch a skate nor ice.... will this be the first winter I didn't do speedskating? I must say it feels weird, I mean... It used to be my favorite sport of all time but apperantly things change, I change and now cycling is my number one sport. I have been a lot in Spain this winter as I love riding my bike there, I mean who doesn't? Sun, hills and good company is all I need! (and some good coffee ofcourse). I've spend a month from home makeing sure I did the right prep for this season, riding my bike first in Gran Canaria and then travelled to Calpe to do another good block of training. I am currently home for a while, recharging and making myself ready for the first race of the season: Setmana Valenciana (next week: 21, 22, 23 and 24 Feb). Excited to race with the team!!

Hope you had/have a good winter too!!

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