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newsletter November: etching and work in progress.

Hello internet friends!

pfiew.. That month went quick. November.. my absolutely favourite month. Leafs are turning al sorts of colours which are the most beautiful at cold misty mornings with a golden sun peeking through. Oh and it's my birthday month. So yes, it has all a month should offer. This months' newsletter is a bit shorter than the previews one. I haven't done a lot of things besides drinking coffee, painting a bit and riding my bike of course. Still I hope you find it a pleasant one and enjoyable to read. Ok, explendid! Let's go!

This month I have been starting my last of 3 self portraits. These portraits are very personal for me and show my road from the last few years. I'm chipping away this painting very slowly but absolutely love to take my time. I think impatience and hurry can destroy a painting. Patience and time is all you can give to make the best out of what you have... it's no difference than life I guess.. trust the process and dare to take your time. Anyways.. see here some progress shots of the self portrait I am working on.

An etching pen and printing ink has been laying, untouched, in my drawer for a year now..

until last month! I've been doing lots of etching, non to be serious but just for fun... And goshh how fun it is! I'm happy to discover more mediums as I feel like it helps me grow as an artist. Ideas are flowing :-)

I really like Joure, a place near Heerenveen. There are a lot old characteristic houses. Just like the one Brechts has settled in. Besides running a beautiful shop and being an excellent interior designer, I admire her the most as the artist she is. Such simplicity but marvellous lines.

2. Bird spotting

This cormorant who found the most perfect spot. I've always like cormorants, I find them looking though and elegant at the same time. Also they big sunbathers, wings out wide and neck out high.

Love seeing birds when I'm out riding... any animal actually. Last week I saw a pheasant as well which is pretty rare here. Lovely.

Hope you have a wonderful December,



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