newsletter October: gloomy weather, peachtober and sketchbooks.

Hi internet friends!

Welcome to the first of (hopefully) many blogs. I don't know if blogs are still a hit nowadays but I have always love the thought of having one... so here it is.

You can expect a new blog every end of the month (and perhaps some extra's in between) where I take you with me in a little summary of that past month. Think about little scribbles, thoughts, writings, sketchbook spreads, recipes, favourites of the month, a nice coffee shop I discovered... and many more. There will be some cycling related stuff so now and then but I mainly focus on my artsy stuff and other ordinary things that take my attention. A little peek inside my life.

Ok, ready? Lets go!

It has been quite gloomy and wet weather the last past days ehh.. few weeks now. Although it's not the perfect cycling weather I do love it. When I do my morning walk with Joppe and come back home with a cold nose and damp hair of the fog, I can't help myself but smiling while warming myself again with a good coffee. These are the days my inspiration is overflowing and I feel like drawing and painting all day.

Past month I have been participating in Peachtober, which is a monthly challenge where you create something around a new word everyday. It was quite challenging for me as I started out with complex ideas but because I was in a hurry it wouldn't turn out as I hoped it would.. so after 6 days I was completely done with it... oeff not even managed to do a week.

After a break of almost two weeks I revisited the prompt list and got the ideas flown again. This time I made the agreement that it is okay to skip a day or more but mostly: keep it simple. It was like I woke up and because I let go of my high expectations I suddenly saw so many more options and got much more inspiration. Within this bubble of excitement little Sprout was born.

Day 19 was 'uniform' and so I got the idea to draw a little mouse dressed like a scout boy.. This little mouse was so full of character that I couldn't let myself making up a little story around him. I picked some days between day six and 30 and this little mouse was involved in some more stories and adventures. Still skipped a lot but I had a good time. For more of my entries check out this link.