I am a 24 year old cyclist and artist from the Netherlands. Growing up I was a lot outside: playing in the forest, racing around on an old bike, skateboarding through the neighbourhood or doing sports. The moments I was inside I would sit in silence creating, drawing or writing own made up stories. To be honost... I didn't change much: Still racing around on a (pretty awesome and new) bike or busy painting inside.


With knowing that my parents met in Thialf (ice rink), its shouldn't be a surprise that I was two years old when I put on my skates for the first time. I knew already from a young age I wanted to be a pro speedskater. But as you see now, I tweaked the 'speedskater' part a bit. No regrets.​

My paintings are mostly traditional watercolor. Subjects you can find in my art are mainly nature, animals, people. Sometimes I lean more to recreating feelings or thoughts as other moments I love a bit of simplicity and just creating.

cyclist and artist

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